SAT Math Review
                                                                                                   Algebra I, II, III
                                                                                            Precalculus / Calculus
                                                                                                   College Algebra
                                                                                                 College Calculus

                                                                                                  THE  SCIENCES

                                                                                              Anatomy & Physiology

                                                                          HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SERVICES

                                                                                                      Latin I, II, III and IV


SAT/ ACT Test Prep

SAT II Subject Tests in:
Math -  Level 1
Math -  Level 2
US History and World History

The Student Assessment and Tutorial Services also provides the following:

  • Tutorial services on days when your child is absent from school
  • Tutorial services in your home
  • A review and evaluation of teacher's progress reports, and if necessary, a consultation with
    teachers on behalf of students and parents
  • Collaboration with teachers to determine how to best complement the tutorial services with the
    student's ongoing work
  • Group tutorial sessions for specific classes
  • College counseling / curriculum planning
  • SSAT, SAT, GRE, ACT and GMAT preparatory courses   
  • Myers-Briggs and Strong InterestInventory assessments. I am a licensed distributor of all the CPP forms as well
  • I am a PRIVATE school as well and can give course credit in the convenience of your home!!